Dan Bobst – Featured As Commencement Speaker for Fall 2018 A&M Graduation

Dan Bobst (D.W. Bobst, Dan W. Bobst) was proud to be featured as the commencement speaker for the Fall 2018 Graduation – Education and Human Services for Texas A&M Commerce.

You can watch the full video here:

TAMU-C Fall 2018 Graduation – Featuring Dan Bobst

Dan W. Bobs (DW Bobst, Dan Bobst): Ghosting Employers

Employers across the country are reporting that prospective and newly-hired employees are not showing up for scheduled interviews or not showing up for work after being hired, in what’s now being termed as ‘ghosting.’ Dan Bobst recently appeared on Fox News Radio to discuss the trend.

Is ‘ghosting’ a symptom of a hot job market, or is it more of a cultural shift?

“I’m afraid it’s more of a cultural shift unfortunately. I hear ghosting has been happening for a while in other parts of society and I hope it doesn’t bleed into the job world. That would be a terrible trend for both sides, if you’re an employee your don’t want to be ghosted by a hiring manager, and if you’re an employer you don’t want someone to no-show an interview or new job either.”

How do you see employers dealing with ‘ghosting’ in the future if so many people are going to not show up for interviews?

“I think it goes back to the decision of whether or not you’re going to be personal or impersonal

as a company. Are you going to have a reputation where you hire 50 people for 10 positions just

to make sure you’re covered? That’s going to create a negative reputation for your business

because you over-hired. I think it’s up to both sides to make everything more personal.

Employers should be communicating openly with their top talent, and that will encourage

prospective employees to also be responsive.”

Listen the the full interview below:

Dan Bobst (DW Bobst, Dan Bobst) Interviewed on Being Careful on Social Media

Dan Bobst, CEO and Founder of Trend HR weighs in to give us advic: In an age where everyone is constantly on their cell phones, it’s hard to tell when you’re working or taking time to post on your Instagram. HR professionals say though, when it comes to your personal social media, you NEED to be careful.

View the interview here:

Dan Bobst (DW Bobst): 10 Things Hiring Managers Look For On Your Resumé.

Submitting an impressive resumé is key to landing a job, however many applicants often send old, outdated, or mistake-riddled resumés without out a second thought. Dan Bobst recently spoke with Jobhero.com on how to make a good impression on paper. Some basic strategies include using immaculate spelling and grammar, having clear solid organization, displaying relevant skills, and showing professional growth. One thing most managers said was to leave out the extra-personal stuff:

“I’ve seen resumes that list where someone last vacationed and
what movies they like. That kind of information isn’t really
necessary to determine if someone is a qualified match to set up
an interview.”

-Dan Bobst, Founder and CEO of TrendHR

Read The Interview Here

TrendHR’s Founder and CEO, Dan Bobst, on PlayMakers Talk Show with Steve A. Klein

TrendHR’s very own Founder and CEO, Dan Bobst, was recently interviewed on the PlayMakers Talk Show with Steve A. Klein. You can read all about Dan and how TrendHR was started on our website at the About Us page. However, PlayMakers offers a much different view into what made Dan a successful entrepreneur.

To hear Dan’s interview, follow the link to the PlayMakers Talk Show website.

About PlayMakers Talk Show

The show is all about CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Executives and other PlayMakers who are passionate about making a difference in the Metroplex, their industry, their field, and their life. The show is story-driven. You’ll hear how our guests achieved their success. The biggest lessons we can learn are from successful individuals telling their successes, their journey, and how they’ve overcome obstacles. Each show will give you valuable information, ideas, and resources that you can use.

Meet the Host

Steve speaks and facilitates internationally about the psychology of Success, Sales, Leadership, Communication, Behavior Change, Time Organization and Customer Service. He’s a former Radio Journalist, been a Radio and TV guest, a regular contributor to Fox News Radio. He has produced televised Leadership training, and is the author of “Sell When You See the Whites of Their Eyes.” Steve is the CEO of the Professional Development Center and host of PlayMakers Talk Show (PlayMakersTalkShow.com).

Steve conducts high-energy, high-impact sessions designed to engage participants with Leadership and Success Skills to take away and use immediately. He’s performed extensive training for such companies as Southwest Airlines, the United States Marine Corps, Wells Fargo, Ford, Pepsi, & Dallas Morning News. His development programs focus on such key issues as Leadership, Coaching, Attitude Development, Team Building, Sales Management, Sales Training, Customer Service, Self (Time)-Management, Communication Skills, and Cultural and Behavior Change.


Trend Tower, which opened this week in the Harbor, commissioned Heath students for art throughout the building. Dan W. Bobst, owner of Trend Tower had a vision, “Ten years ago, I went on a field trip with former superintendent Dr. Gene Burton. When we were driving back across the lake, I told him that I wanted to put an office tower on top of the hill next to IH30.  Amazingly enough, the Tower went in the EXACT spot I pointed to.  It is my pleasure to allow the public the opportunity to see 360-degree views of our community as well as visuals of cities 40 – 60 miles away. Commissioning the artwork of RISD high school students is just another way to get the community involved in the Harbor Heights project.   This is a great way to allow these teenagers an opportunity to showcase their talents. “

Students of Susan Aston and Karen Tucker were able to work on this project and gain real world experience creating art for a customer. Susan Aston was pleased to say “All of our students are so grateful for this opportunity.  The students are 15-18 years of age and for many of my students, this was their first time to use oil paints and to paint on such a large canvas.  This was definitely their first time to work for a client.  Thank you so much for giving them this real-world experience! “

For the oil paintings, there were 18 students involved.  16 students created a painting and 2 helped.  Students involved were Matthew Corey, Yorlynn Engmann, Hanna Ray, Amelia Meno, Alexis Crump, Logan Sharon, Alycia Truong, Taryn Wheeler, Brooke Birleson, Jillian Cruzet, Harper Gillentine, Jacqueline Kysil, Mackenzie Long, Ana Noriega, Lorena Ramirez, Lendy Urbina. The 2 ladies that helped too were:  Raquel Ankilewitz and Courtney Sosnowski.

Students were very excited to work on the project and stated:

“As a high school Art student, having the opportunity to paint something to be displayed in a place like the Trend Tower is amazing.  It took a bit of time to create, but it was definitely worth it.  I can’t wait to see it there!” – Alycia Truong

“Painting for the Trend Tower was an unbelievable opportunity!” – Jillian Cruzet

“This project was very fun and taught me a lot about working with Art in Business.” – Yorlynn Engmann

“The Trend Tower project was a great experience and I was so flattered that we were asked to work on it.  The experience of working with oil paint was beneficial to my skills as an artist and I think this opportunity enhanced our Art program as a whole.  Now every time I go to my doctor’s office, I’ll see my time and effort paid off on a canvas in the new building.” – Matthew Corey

Mrs. Tucker’s AP 3D, all Ceramics classes and Photography Club were able to help with sculptures and photography.

Individual Sculpture pieces –

Bobbie Carr – 2 pieces

Chloe Calloway – 2 pieces

Bailey Dillingham – 2 pieces

Lauren Higbee

Haneen Abusaad

Jessica Kiker

Reace Cano- Garcia

Christian Mackin

Statements from Individual Artists:

Chloe Calloway – “I love to sculpt so I always put all my effort into my pieces. Knowing that they will be in a public place for so many people to see just made me work harder to make sure everyone has the chance to experience my pieces at their best. I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks”.

Bobbie Carr – “Sculpting for the public view puts another layer of pressure onto all the big and difficult pieces we made, but the end result as people get to enjoy, makes it all worth it”.

Bailey Dillingham – “I’m excited about having my artwork displayed, because I get to show my family and friends what I’m best at”.

Jessica Kiker –” This piece involved a lot of time and effort but I’m glad that I stuck with it and participated in this project”.

Reace Cano-Garcia –” It was a frustrating time but I’m glad that I got it done for Rockwall to see!”

Lauren Higbee – “To create my piece for the Trend Tower, it took a huge amount of diligence and time. Each leaf was individually placed and crafted for that specific spot. The glazes and the color choices that I used were a perfect match for what I envisioned. The vase was a challenge, but an awesome experience and honor to create. I am really happy with the outcome of my piece”.

4 Collaborative Sculptural pieces and wall hangings – All ceramic students participated were Katelyn Beckett, Jacqueline Caravano, Giovanni Castillo, Sereniti Gary, Moises Jimenez, Cameron Keith, Alex Rodriguez, Laura Rosas,Katherine Menjivar, Mallory Rice, Madie Wilson, Bianca Muniz, Haneen Abusaad, Gareth Adams, Hunter Anderson, Rose Davidson, Chandler Glidewell, Kaci Gonzalez, Preston Gunther, Emma Homs, Victoria Lack, Ryan Peterson, Madie Rubenstein, Jessica Sladovnik, Regina Tillis, Taivon Warmsley, Raine Williams, Callie Crawford, Andrea Garcia, Kelli Kariampuzha, Brock McPherson, Taylor Mead, Samantha Montes De Oca Guzman, Justin Murphy, Javier Sanchez, Coletin Soppe, Megan Cook, Austin Davis, Madison Galban, Fidel Maldonado, Taylor Mayfield, Sara Miller, Jeffrey Austin Anderson, Michelle Azcarate

Photography Club: 10 Large, Gallery wrapped Photographs to be displayed on the 5th and 6th floors of Trend Tower.

The Photography Club students whose photos were selected:

Elise Pracher

Austin Lu

Kennedy Thornton

McKenna Wilhelms

Patrick Hargrove

Melissa Allen

From Patrick Hargrove Photo Club Founder – “Building the Rockwall Photo display was a great experience for the students of Rockwall Heath High. We all found unique ways to represent our town and had a substantial number of photos, submitted – of 83 photos, only 10 were selected for the final display. We’re glad to see that our photos could make a lasting impression in our community and for the spirit of our town. Thank you to everyone involved”.

Mrs. Tucker’s 9th period Art 1 class

Advanced Architecture Student:

Blake Buchanan and Moises Jimenez – Handyman

By Rockwall ISD


From Blue Ribbon News

ROCKWALL, TX (March 22, 2014) Opportunity has reached new heights in the thriving community of Rockwall. With 85% of the office/retail space already leased at Trend Tower, all eyes seem to be on the nearly completed high rise on The Harbor hillside.

The seven-story building is anchored by Trend HR, the human resource outsourcing company for which the tower is named. The 100,000 sq. ft. facility will be home to Harbor Heights Family Medicine; FC Cuny Corporation; KAG Holdings; Keller Williams Realty; and Allegiance Title Company. Sterling One Properties will also relocate there.

Trend Tower is Phase One of the $250 million commercial and residential project known as Harbor Heights. An unparalleled view of Lake Ray Hubbard and the Dallas skyline make the tower’s top floor prime for a five-star restaurant, but those plans have yet to be finalized.

“The time is now,” said developer Russell Phillips, Sterling One Properties CEO. “We looked around and saw there was no Class A office space here – not like what you’d see in downtown Dallas, and not at the level of what was envisioned for The Harbor.”

Phillips pointed out that having State Hwy 190 come into I-30 was “a huge shot in the arm for development in Rockwall County.”

“Between the projects we have under construction, and the ones we’re getting ready to start, we are investing $136 million into Rockwall County. That’s a strong commitment by us and our partners, and it’s because we truly believe in the growth of this community,” he said.

Sterling One’s residential projects include Terrabella, Wyndemere and Kingsbridge, as well as Sonoma Verde, a 550 acre, 1100-home master planned community under development on Hwy 205 in McLendon-Chisholm.

Partner Dan W. Bobst, Trend HR CEO, was instrumental in getting the Trend Tower project off the ground. “We had to have 70% of the building leased before we could start the project,” said Phillips. “Dan committed to taking 25% of that space for his growing company.”

Phillips and his partner Joey Howell considered developing the hillside before, but it was extremely difficult. “There were so many landowners; it was like a jigsaw puzzle. It just so happened that with the downturn in the economy, people were willing to sell, and at a fair price.”

Phillips, Howell and Bobst approached the City of Rockwall, which had its own vision for the hillside. “The City had hired an outside consulting firm to create a blueprint for further development of The Harbor area. We liked the design so much that we decided to bring the plan to life.”

Phillips added, “Coming across the bridge into Rockwall, you’ve got one shot. We knew we needed something amazing. The Harbor is already a beautiful landmark. So is Lakeside Village across the highway. That’s why you’ll see some of the same tile and roof design used in the development. When it’s all built out, everything will flow well together.”

As an added benefit, the city will be able to utilize the tower’s multilevel parking garage after 5 p.m. until the building re-opens at 7 a.m. for overflow parking during concerts or other Harbor events.

Sheri Franza, president and CEO of the Rockwall Economic Development Corporation, said Trend Tower is a tremendous asset, socially and economically.

 “The entry into our city reflects who we are, and what we want our city to be. Trend Tower will help draw more big corporations to the area,” she said. “Many people spend as much time at work as they do at home, and they don’t want to spend more time commuting to and from downtown Dallas. They want to live and work in the same location; and Rockwall is a perfect place to do both. We’ve got an excellent school system, above average home prices, above average incomes. Business owners want to set up shop here; that means they’ll frequent our restaurants and buy our homes, driving up our sales tax revenue.”

Dana K Macalik, Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce president, said, “Rockwall now stands a hub for business innovation, medical growth, technology and creativity – making it an attractive destination for corporate location. Trend Tower brings to the forefront all the opportunities and advancements that have made Rockwall what it is today, and the Rockwall Area Chamber of Commerce is excited about this investment in our community.”

Phillips credits the success of the project to input from many different people, and the commitment of the City of Rockwall. “From the Mayor and City Council, to Planning and Zoning and the Rockwall EDC, it’s truly been a team effort to bring this project to fruition,” he said.

By Dawn Redig
Blue Ribbon News
all rights reserved
Photos by Jack Palmer


From TheRockwallNews.com

The skyline of Rockwall is about to change.  In remembrance of Memorial Day, several members of Harbor Heights Investors and TrendHR climbed to the top of the 150-foot crane where Trend Tower will be standing at the end of the year and lowered a 40-foot American Flag.  Dan W. Bobst, President of TrendHR remarked, “It was an honor to carry the flag up the ladder as a tribute to those who have served our country”.

Others helping to lower the large flag were constituents from Sterling One Development and Wade Construction.  Russell Phillips of Sterling stated, “The 360’ views were amazing, we were as high as the Dallas skyline.”  This will be the view from the Restaurant and Conference Rooms on the 7th floor.


From TheRockwallNews.com

Wondering what that tall crane in the sky is for standing atop the hill above The Harbor?

It’s part of the construction now ongoing of the seven-story Trend Tower which is scheduled to be completed this November.

Developed by Heath-based Sterling One Properties, the corporate tower will provide 100,000 sq. ft. of office and retail space for businesses along with meeting rooms and a restaurant available to the public overlooking the skyline.

The Trend Tower is the first phase of a $250 million commercial and residential project called “Harbor Heights” on the hill above The Harbor.  Soon to follow will be high-end restaurants and a medical tower.

The Rockwall-based human resource outsourcing company Trend HR will be the anchor of the office tower, which is expected to be just the first of several office towers to be built in Harbor Heights.

According to developer Phillips, the crane has created a lot of excitement for their team and the community.

“Trend Tower is the cornerstone of the Harbor Heights development,” he said. “The architectural features and high-end finish will be a standard that will carry forward to the additional office, retail and condominiums within the development.”

Trend HR has been one of the nation’s fastest-growing companies for the past four years, according to INC. magazine and operates in over 30 states.

A principal in Trend Tower and CEO of Trend HR, Dan W. Bobst, says this new project allows the City to have one of the best projects in North Texas.

“Because of the elevation of Rockwall and being located on a large lake, the views of the tower will be better than downtown Dallas,” said Bobst. “This corporate office development will help ensure that Rockwall assumes its place as one of the top cities for people to live, work and play in Texas.”

Sterling One Properties is a diversified real estate development and investment company which over the past eleven years has been the primary managing partner for over $300 million in commercial, residential and hotel projects.

The company has developed local communities in Rockwall County such as Kingsbridge, Terrabella, Wyndemere, Flagstone Creek and Hillcrest Shores. It is currently developing Sonoma Verde, an 1100 home development, on Highway 205 between Rockwall and McLendon-Chisholm.

For information about office space or retail pads, contact Russell Phillips, 972-772-9400, or visit www.sterlingoneproperties.com.

By J.J. Smith


TrendHR Services, a human resources outsourcing, employee benefits and consulting services firm, has pre-leased 24,000 square feet of office space within the planned tower overlooking Lake Ray Hubbard, called Trend Tower at Harbor Heights. The project is owned and developed by Sterling One Properties, which is based in nearby Heath.

A Rockwall-based human resources firm is kicking off the construction of a $25 million, seven-story, 105,000-square-foot executive office tower in Rockwall.

Construction on the tower on the hill at the corner of Interstate 30 and Horizon Boulevard will begin in July. The construction will take an estimated 14 months.

With year-over-year revenue growth since its inception in 1997, TrendHR has outgrown its headquarters on State Highway 205 in Rockwall, and the company predicts continued growth, said Dan W. Bobst, its founder.

The human resource outsourcing firm has roughly 15 corporate employees and a number of companies and job seekers who come into its offices. The company would not disclose its annual revenue.

“These views of the beautiful shores along Lake Ray Hubbard are unparalleled in all of North Texas and will help Rockwall County become a destination like San Antonio and Austin,” Bobst said.

David Dees and Stephanie Thompson, directors at CASE Commercial

Real Estate Partners, were recently awarded the leasing assignment on the building by Sterling One. The duo represented the developer in the real estate deal.

Trend Tower will be the first component of a master-planned development called Harbor Heights, which includes three other office towers similar to Trend Tower, 1,200 condos and five retail pads. The development will sit on 62 acres.

“The hope for this tower is to set the tone for the rest of the development for the whole hillside area to the quality we are looking for,” said Russell Phillips, one of the owners of Sterling One Properties, which is developing Harbor Heights. “It is the centerpiece of the development, and we are excited about it.”

Miami-based Rad Architecture Inc. is the architect. Sterling One Construction is the general contractor and will begin bidding for subcontractors for work in June, including concrete, electrical, roofing, masonry, Sheetrock, and heating and air conditioning.

The office tower has 14,285-square-foot floors, with a covered parking structure. The property is being marketed for lease at $33 per square foot, plus electricity.

For the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the average rental rate is $20.30 a square foot, with a 21.1 percent vacancy rate, according to the latest data from Cushman & Wakefield of Texas Inc.

CASE Commercial has about 30,000 square feet of leases out to companies that include banks, oil and gas companies, energy firms, medical users, title companies and a real estate firms, officials said.

“We have already received positive response from businesses who are tired of making the trip into Dallas and have been looking for a location that is closer to home,” Dees said. “Being adjacent to The Harbor and the Hilton Hotel, we are also receiving calls from businesses looking for something extra to offer their employees from what Dallas has to offer.”

One of the selling points of the office tower is its proximity to the restaurants, retail, entertainment and walking trails near Lake Ray Hubbard, said Thompson, who grew up in Rockwall and attended Rockwall High School.

“The Harbor is the newest thing in Rockwall, and in the past eight years the development along the lake has prospered,” she said. “There is tremendous curbside appeal of the office tower in that location.”

The overall success of the Harbor’s development is based off this Class A office tower, which is the first of its product type within the city, said Mayor David Sweet.

“This is one of the pieces of real estate that will shape the future of Rockwall,” Sweet said. “This is our first piece of Class A office space.”

 by Candace Carlisle
Dallas Business Journal