Employers across the country are reporting that prospective and newly-hired employees are not showing up for scheduled interviews or not showing up for work after being hired, in what’s now being termed as ‘ghosting.’ Dan Bobst recently appeared on Fox News Radio to discuss the trend.

Is ‘ghosting’ a symptom of a hot job market, or is it more of a cultural shift?

“I’m afraid it’s more of a cultural shift unfortunately. I hear ghosting has been happening for a while in other parts of society and I hope it doesn’t bleed into the job world. That would be a terrible trend for both sides, if you’re an employee your don’t want to be ghosted by a hiring manager, and if you’re an employer you don’t want someone to no-show an interview or new job either.”

How do you see employers dealing with ‘ghosting’ in the future if so many people are going to not show up for interviews?

“I think it goes back to the decision of whether or not you’re going to be personal or impersonal

as a company. Are you going to have a reputation where you hire 50 people for 10 positions just

to make sure you’re covered? That’s going to create a negative reputation for your business

because you over-hired. I think it’s up to both sides to make everything more personal.

Employers should be communicating openly with their top talent, and that will encourage

prospective employees to also be responsive.”

Listen the the full interview below:

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