Dan W. Bobst (DW Bobst) LIVE on the radio on KEXB on Experts in Business

Enjoy this new video of Dan W. Bobst, Founder of TrendHR on the radio on 620 KEXB in Dallas on Experts in Business with host Brian Glenn. Dan Bobst discusses the benefits of utilizing a PEO, HR Outsourcing and Staffing Services.


Dan Bobst – Featured As Commencement Speaker for Fall 2018 A&M Graduation

Dan Bobst (D.W. Bobst, Dan W. Bobst) was proud to be featured as the commencement speaker for the Fall 2018 Graduation – Education and Human Services for Texas A&M Commerce.

You can watch the full video here:

TAMU-C Fall 2018 Graduation – Featuring Dan Bobst

TrendHR makes Inc.5000 annual list of fastest growing companies for the 7th year!

Inc. Magazine Unveils Its Annual List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies—the Inc. 5000

For the 7th year, TrendHR appears on the Inc. 5000 annual list Ranking No. 2112 in 2019

NEW YORK, August 14, 2019Inc. magazine today revealed that TrendHR is No. 2112 on its annual Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. The list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment—its independent small businesses. Microsoft, Dell, Domino’s Pizza, Pandora, Timberland, LinkedIn, Yelp, Zillow, and many other well-known names gained their first national exposure as honorees on the Inc. 5000.

“We are excited that we made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies again this year. This is the 7th time that a TrendHR company has received the award. I am constantly amazed on how combining a great team and putting that with impeccable customer service results in exponential growth and opportunities.” said DW Bobst, President of TrendHR. “Thank you again to our loyal clients and dedicated team members for making this happen.”

Not only have the companies on the 2019 Inc. 5000 (which are listed online at Inc.com, with the top 500 companies featured in the September issue of Inc., available on newsstands August 20) been very competitive within their markets, but the list as a whole shows staggering growth compared with prior lists. The 2019 Inc. 5000 achieved an astounding three-year average growth of 454 percent, and a median rate of 157 percent. The Inc. 5000’s aggregate revenue was $237.7 billion in 2018, accounting for 1,216,308 jobs over the past three years.

Complete results of the Inc. 5000, including company profiles and an interactive database that can be sorted by industry, region, and other criteria, can be found at www.inc.com/inc5000.

“The companies on this year’s Inc. 5000 have followed so many different paths to success,” says Inc. editor in chief James Ledbetter. “There’s no single course you can follow or investment you can take that will guarantee this kind of spectacular growth. But what they have in common is persistence and seizing opportunities.”

The annual Inc. 5000 event honoring the companies on the list will be held October 10 to 12, 2019, at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa in Phoenix, Arizona. As always, speakers include some of the greatest innovators and business leaders of our generation.

For more information on Inc. and the Inc. 5000 Conference, visit http://conference.inc.com/.


TrendHR is a Dallas, Texas based human resource outsourcing company that provides HR, Staffing, and PEO services to businesses nationwide. TrendHR allows businesses to focus on their core competencies.  Studies have shown that these companies that outsource HR functions grow exponentially faster than ones that do not by minimizing the burden of employment administration.

TrendHR opened for business in 1997 and operates in 38 states, administering over 500,000 W2s in the twenty plus years in business. DW Bobst’s Dallas and East Texas roots have allowed him to continue to grow the business through satisfied customer referrals in the Service Industries as well as manufacturing and warehousing. TrendHR enables these industries and many others to offer their employees benefits, retirement packages and a human resource department that rivals a Fortune 500 company without the overhead.

For more information about TrendHR, visit us online at http://www.trendhr.com/.

Dan Bobst – Texas A&M University-Commerce Distinguished Alumni

A look back at Distinguished Alumni, Dan Bobst’s life as a Texas A&M University-Commerce student and how that education helped him start his own company, TrendHR, which has made it onto the Inc.5000 list of America’s fastest growing private companies for the past seven years. Mr. Bobst also gives back to the university through the Lions Apprentice Challenge, his family’s endowment, and gifts to the Lions Basketball Team. The Distinguished Alumni Citation was first awarded in 1967. Since then, this award has been given to a host of graduates that have achieved illustrious careers in many different walks of life. Distinguished Alumni are selected from a large pool of outstanding graduates from Texas A&M University-Commerce and/or East Texas State University. 

Dan Bobst (DW Bobst): 6 Phrases to Never Tell an Interviewer

There are a number of ways to succeed and fail in an interview, things like showing up on time and being dressed appropriately are obvious, but many young people new to the workforce may stumble into unfamiliar interview pitfalls. Dan Bobst recently spoke to Glassdoor with some dos and don’ts for the interview process.

“Tell your interviewer what you are most comfortable doing or what your background is in, or even things you haven’t done before but are interested in doing. No one wants to hire the short-term person who is just going to leave. Make sure you leave your interviewer with the impression that you are in it for the long haul”

When it comes to compensation, it can be uncomfortable with how to proceed. But bring it up too early in the interview may seem improper and presumptuous. If you don’t know exactly what the position is paying, play it safe at first.

“Give the impression that you are flexible on compensation rather than make demands.If you don’t know what pay you are qualified for, you should consider the amount of experience [you] have and what industry [you] are interested in working in and do a little research.”

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Tips for Becoming a Successful Professional

With February coming to an end its likely that you have not yet implemented your New Year’s resolutions yet. If this is true for you, stop thinking negatively about your procrastination and accept that you have not done anything productive, move forward and start fresh. The following are a collection of powerful tips for successfully implementing your resolutions this year, as well as becoming a Successful Professional from Dan W. Bobst.

  1. Write down your goals. Physically write them down, on paper, in an old school notebook. Then share your goals with others. Writing your goals down suddenly makes them real. When you tell others about your goal, you are even more likely to be committed as others will be tracking your progress with you.
  2. Stop pursuing short-term wants that distract you from your goals. Stop the week night partying, and events that distract you from being a success. While you think you get away with it, others will notice you sneaking in later or nodding off in the afternoon.
  3. Take a digital time-out and read nonfiction books. Try to learn as much as you can about your profession and industry. You won’t gain any benefit from spending an evening arguing online, or looking at the highlight reals of everyone’s life on Facebook or Instagram.
  4. Have a set family dinner with your spouse and children. Use this time to have significant conversations about their lives, concerns and interest. Before you know it, children will out of the house and you’ll learn to late that you don’t know them. Committing this time each day will create a solid home-life that will give you support and motivation throughout your life.
  5. Give up working for the sake of working. Start focusing on being productive. Staying busy is not a measure of success. Take the time to step back and analyze your activities, and if they are not productive, move onto something else that will help improve your career.
  6. Focus on your health. If you are not physically healthy, everything in life becomes more difficult. Take the time to visit your doctor for annual check-ups and other needs. Find an exercise outlet to keep you active — hiking, yoga, swimming, biking or participate in competitive sports.
  7. Surround yourself with people that are from different backgrounds and will challenge you. Engage in hobbies where you can interact with people of all religions, economic levels, races and ages. Take the time to step outside of daily routine and widen your network.
  8. Take time to focus on your appearance and speech. People judge you based on how you present yourself and how you speak, both personally and professionally.
  9. Take time to de-stress. Spend time with friends and family, sign up for continuing education classes, start a new hobby or adopt a pet. These are all great ways to alleviate stress from the rough days at work.
  10. Having a basic grasps of recent sporting events, pop culture references, learning a few jokes or having a few personal anecdotes are great ways to break the ice and start a conversation. These can be used during interviews, meetings or as an opening to speak with strangers at networking events.
  11. Don’t let your job define you as a person. Eventually you may have to step away from your career and be left with no identity. This can make bouncing back and finding something new even more challenging.
  12. Constantly talking about where you went to college, your fancy neighborhood, exotic vacations and expensive cars won’t impress anyone, and can even make them dislike you for being pretentious.
  13. Put as much time as possible working in your early career, so you can reap the benefits in you later career and life.
  14. Establish a value for your time, delegate everything you can, including chores around the house that are not worth your time.
  15. Strive to be the person you want to be, all the time.
  16. Remove negativity and defeatist sentiments from your vocabulary. “I guess the rich just get richer,” “We’ve always done it this way”, “That will never work” and similar statements should be removed from your conversations. Focus on a positive attitude!

Dan W. Bobs (DW Bobst, Dan Bobst): Ghosting Employers

Employers across the country are reporting that prospective and newly-hired employees are not showing up for scheduled interviews or not showing up for work after being hired, in what’s now being termed as ‘ghosting.’ Dan Bobst recently appeared on Fox News Radio to discuss the trend.

Is ‘ghosting’ a symptom of a hot job market, or is it more of a cultural shift?

“I’m afraid it’s more of a cultural shift unfortunately. I hear ghosting has been happening for a while in other parts of society and I hope it doesn’t bleed into the job world. That would be a terrible trend for both sides, if you’re an employee your don’t want to be ghosted by a hiring manager, and if you’re an employer you don’t want someone to no-show an interview or new job either.”

How do you see employers dealing with ‘ghosting’ in the future if so many people are going to not show up for interviews?

“I think it goes back to the decision of whether or not you’re going to be personal or impersonal

as a company. Are you going to have a reputation where you hire 50 people for 10 positions just

to make sure you’re covered? That’s going to create a negative reputation for your business

because you over-hired. I think it’s up to both sides to make everything more personal.

Employers should be communicating openly with their top talent, and that will encourage

prospective employees to also be responsive.”

Listen the the full interview below:

Dan Bobst (DW Bobst, Dan Bobst) Interviewed on Being Careful on Social Media

Dan Bobst, CEO and Founder of Trend HR weighs in to give us advic: In an age where everyone is constantly on their cell phones, it’s hard to tell when you’re working or taking time to post on your Instagram. HR professionals say though, when it comes to your personal social media, you NEED to be careful.

View the interview here:

Dan Bobst (DW Bobst): 10 Things Hiring Managers Look For On Your Resumé.

Submitting an impressive resumé is key to landing a job, however many applicants often send old, outdated, or mistake-riddled resumés without out a second thought. Dan Bobst recently spoke with Jobhero.com on how to make a good impression on paper. Some basic strategies include using immaculate spelling and grammar, having clear solid organization, displaying relevant skills, and showing professional growth. One thing most managers said was to leave out the extra-personal stuff:

“I’ve seen resumes that list where someone last vacationed and
what movies they like. That kind of information isn’t really
necessary to determine if someone is a qualified match to set up
an interview.”

-Dan Bobst, Founder and CEO of TrendHR

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